5 Top Things to Do in Calgary

Explore Canada’s Up and Comer

Calgary’s an attractive destination too often overlooked by visitors to Canada.

We like it! So we’ve put together a short list of its top sights, just a small taster of all the things to see and do in Calgary.

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calgary travel guide - calgary tower

See the City from Above at Calgary Tower

Towering above the city at 1228 metres above sea level, there’s no better place to take in a spectacular panorama of this dynamic city destination. Brave the glass floor if you can! Stop by for the views, a cocktail and a bite to eat – why not?

Stop by Kensington Village

Just outside the skyscraping Downtown area, Kensington Village has a trendy, small-scale feel. It’s a great place to explore another side of Calgary city. Charming buildings, cafes, restaurants, boutiques and shop abound. It’s a great place to walk around and explore at your own pace.

Make Your Own Beer Tour

Calgary’s inhabitants have an unquenchable thirst for beer with its craft beer scene on the rise. The city is dotted with cool and trendy bars serving local brews. But a lot of the beer scene is concentrated around Inglewood. Once known as Brewery Flats, this area now plays host to a new crop of small-scale breweries.

calgary travel guide parks

Explore its Parks and Gardens

Calgary isn’t all glass and steel. It’s also got plenty of beautiful green spaces on offer too, perfect for getting away from the urban hustle. Ralph Klein Park offers man-made wetland and unique views. Shaw Millenium Park is popular with skaters, and St. Patrick’s Island is home to walking trails and play areas great for kids.

Soak Up Some History

There’s some cool history to explore here alongside the modern city sights. Head to the Heritage Park Historical Village – a living museum that offers a glimpse into settler times. A great day out. Just outside of Calgary City is Buffalo Jump, a key archaeological site dedicated to the Plains People. These aboriginal inhabitants of the lands surrounding the city are fascinating to learn about. This is an UNESCO World Heritage Site, too.

Learn more!

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Cathal Kehoe - 26 November 2019

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