Top 10 Tips for Travelling with Kids

We’ve gathered together a few of our top family holiday tips to make planning your getaway with the kids that little bit easier. Most of our expert travel advisors are parents themselves so check out our deals online. We know family holidays!

Family time!

Make kids a part of the planning

Keep kids engaged and interested both before and after travelling. Asking kids what they want to and factoring that into your planning is a great way of keeping them happy. Particularly when you’ve got older kids or teenagers who might be harder to please, letting them know that you’re bearing them in mind is important.

Consider the cost of low-cost

Budget-savvy holidaymakers might be looking for the cheapest flight but bear in mind that low cost carriers often fly into remote airports. So you’d end up shelling out more for transport. It’s worth paying more for the flights to fly into a more convenient airport especially when travelling with kids.

Slow down

The days of leaving the house at the last minute, rushing to the airport and running to your gate – they’re over! It’s time to slow the pace; a good rule of thumb is to set the pace of the trip to whatever’s appropriate to your youngest child. This is your chance to relax and spend some quality family time together so make the most of it.

Leave plenty of time

Nobody likes waiting in queues but when you’ve got your family in tow, you certainly don’t want to rush. Think of the stress of travelling with kids, and then add the stress of being late to that! Leave home with time to spare just in case.

Check in online

Reduce time spent waiting in line at the airport by checking in online prior to leaving home. Then all you’ll need to do is drop off your bags and go through security. This is especially useful to do during peaks times of years when the airport can get particularly busy.

Pick a kid friendly location

Choose a safe and central area close to the attractions that matter to you like the beach, waterfronts, restaurants, water parks or other amenities. It’s not hard to find a hotel or resort that has all or most of the things that matter to you.

Consider going all-inclusive

There are loads of kid-friendly benefits to going all-inclusive. For one thing, it’s sure to make budgeting easier as most, or all, of your food and drinks will be paid for upfront, eliminating that need to create a daily budget. Kids Clubs, pools, slides, entertainment: you will be able to find an all-inclusive resort with all the facilities you need to keep the kids happy.

Look for free activities

You’d be surprised how much free stuff there is to do sometimes. Anything from a street fair, a cultural event, museums and of course natural beauty can be free. If you’re planning a visit to a particular museum or cultural site, check their websites to see if they offer free opening hours.

Carry snacks

Sometimes, it takes longer to get to your next meal that you anticipate. It could be because you were on a tour that went over time, traffic was bad or you got a bit lost! And hungry kids are a recipe for stress. Carrying healthy snacks around with your is a great way of nipping this problem in the bug and ensuring a well-fed family at all times.

Look out for child discounts

It’s surprising how many discounts are on offer for kids under a certain age. These small savings can add up fast. Transport, tours & guides, entrance fees, restaurants – it’s worth coming right out with it and asking if any member of your family qualifies for a discount.

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