The Ultimate Guide to Holidays in Fuerteventura - Perfect for Families!

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Fabulous Fuerteventura!

The Canary Islands are perennial favourites of Irish holidaymakers. That’s especially true of Lanzarote and Tenerife – but Fuerteventura is one of our favourites and there’s so many reasons to choose it first.

While Fuerteventura is a popular tourist destination, it has more of an unspoilt island feel than its sister islands. You will encounter miles of pristine beach that don’t feel like a major resort. As one of the flatter of the Canaries, it enjoys warmer weather and since it’s not as well-known as the others it’s easier to find cheaper deals.

When to go

The Canary Islands really are excellent year-round destinations thanks to their sub-tropical, African-influenced climate. Fuerteventura is one of the Easter-most islands so it enjoys warm weather every month of the year.

The best time to go really depends what you’re looking for. If you love the hot sun then July, August and September are the best months to go – they’re certainly the hottest! For slightly cooler weather try April-June. Fuerteventura’s a great winter sun destination. Even from October to February, you can be sure of pleasant, not-too-hot sunshine. But rainfall does peak this time of year too (however it still doesn’t rain much).

July to August is peak tourist season so that’s when you’ll encounter the biggest crowds and highest prices on flights + accommodation.

Getting there

A direct flight from Dublin to Fuerteventura generally takes about 4hrs 30mins. Plenty of airlines have multiple flights per day, giving you greater flexibility on planning your journey with more departures times & dates to choose from. A shorter flight time makes it easier to travel with kids, it also means less jetlag and more time to enjoy your holiday.

Depending on where you’re staying, transfer times from Fuerteventura Airport shouldn’t take too long – the main airport is only 5km from the capital of Puerto del Rosario, and 30-40 mins from major destinations like Corralejo. It’s just 7km from the airport to Caleta de Fuste.


Where to stay

Once you’ve settled on which part of the island to check out (and since it’s a small island, it’s easy to do day trips to other parts), you will have plenty of options on accommodation. The island is well-served by hotels of all types and suiting all budgets. Whether you’re looking for something simply clean & comfortable, or something a bit more luxurious, you will find it.

There are also plenty of more built-up resorts with options for families with kids, from toddlers to teens, couples on romantic trips and groups. In short, Fuerteventura has enough options to suit all holiday types.


A charming seaside town on the northeast coast, Corralejo is known for the national park, the nearby volcano and the nearby island of Los Lobos.


A stunning peninsula that offers escape from the built-up tourist areas, Jandia has some of the island’s best beaches and the sleepy town of Morro Jable.

Caleta de Fuste

The perfect family-friendly destination, this seaside resort is close to the stunning city of Antigua and has everything for adults and kids alike.

El Cotillo

Peaceful El Cotillo is the quieter alternative to busier resorts like Corralejo. Enjoy El Cotillo’s famous beach, its lagoons, charming town and idyllic atmosphere.

Costa Calma

A tranquil resort on the south coast, Costa Calma offers beaches, blue waters, nature, parks and seaside activities.

Gran Tarajal

Choose Gran Tarajal for its authentic Canarian charm, relatively untouched by tourism. Nestled between sweeping mountains and the blue sea, this humble village is a truly peaceful escape.

Gran Tarajal

Dining Out

Food is a big part of the experience during anyone’s holidays in Fuerteventura.

First off, you’ll find plenty of familiar comfort food. Many restaurants and cafes cater to visitors with menus offering familiar fare you’ll know from home. If you’re choosing an all-inclusive resort, they’ll generally have buffet-style dining with a range designed to please most tastebuds.

If you’re feeling more adventurous, then Fuerteventura offers plenty of foodie experiences to please even the pickiest eaters. Fusing Spanish and African influences, the island has plenty of its own unique flavour, from affordable and casual to fine dining.

Perhaps unsurprisingly, seafood is king here with fresh fish harvested from the sea all around you. Local food markets sell authentic fare – explore the Artisan Market in the Campanario Centre, Corralejo, or the Mercado Agricola de la Biosfera. Don’t forget to sample island-produced specialties like the famed goats cheese, too!

Things to do for Families

Fuerteventura is a top choice for Irish families just like yours. We’ve picked some of our fave recommended activities.

Oasis Park

Oasis Park

Also known as La Lajita Zoo, Oasis Park is the island’s sole animal park. It’s big, too – really big. In fact, it’s worth blocking off a day if you really plan on exploring it properly. Wander around and visit the flamingos, giraffes, hippopotamuses and more. Then see one of the fun parrot shows. Kids love them.

Acua Park

Fuerteventura’s main water park, Acua Park is an extravaganza of slides, chutes and pools. You can spend the whole day splashing around here. Keep the kids entertained while the grownups relax, then dine in its restaurant. You’ll find it in Corralejo, on the north coast of the island.

Pedra Sartaña Pirate Ship

Hop aboard this pirate ship for a relaxing, fun and family-friendly tour. You can take in the views and spot the dolphins and whales swimming in the open sea.

Oasis Park Giraffes

Camel Rides

Take a trip to Corralejo National Park and go for a camel ride among the sand dunes. These friendly beasts are a fun way to explore the rolling landscape.

Seal Spotting

Among the Fuerteventura wildlife, you’ll find this famous seal colony. Head to Los Lobos and take a boat journey out to see the seals in their natural habitat.

Beach Time!

Fuerteventura boasts over 150km of sandy beaches in total, with 4 of them designated Blue Flag beaches as of 2019.

Blue Flag beaches

Playa Blanca

A peaceful, sandy beach near the stunning capital of Puerto del Rosario.

Puerto Lajas

A black-pebble beach popular with the locals. This quiet bay is a nice place to swim thanks to its calm seas.

Los Pozos

This is a small, family-friendly beach north of Puerto del Rosario.


This sandy beach is part of a small fishing village, a stretch of grey sand with calm waters.

Other Great Beaches


One of the most stunning beaches on the southern coast of the island, this is actually two sandy stretches meeting where the valley enters the sea.

Solana Matorral

This fine stretch of golden sand is on the south of the island. Its beautiful lighthouse adds to the charm.

Sotavento Beach

This is the longest beach on Fuerteventura and one of its most celebrated. Find it near Costa Calma in the south. Its shallow waters make it good for families.

Corralejo Beach

Corralejo Beach

Near the resort town of the same name, this 6 mile stretch of yellow-white sand boasts beautiful views. Note that it’s split into several sections, not all family-friendly.

Budgeting Tips & Hints

  • When eating out, look out for restaurants offering the menu del día – these ever-changing daily specials are often the best deal you’ll find on food.
  • July and August are the busiest and most expensive months, so travelling outside these peak times will help to save. There are 300 days of sunshine so you can go any time!
  • Fuerteventura has a strong bus network so if you’re planning on exploring the island a lot, this could be the way to do it. Taxis are plentiful but add up fast in terms of cost. Rental cars are available, too. Weight up the cost of these versus how much you plan to move around the island. Thankfully, the island is small enough that transport costs should not be exorbitant.

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