Sailing Safely: What Cruise Lines are Doing to Keep you Safe

Over the past several years, the cruise industry has become an ever more popular holiday options thanks to the range of itineraries and the many luxurious cruise liners. While the sector has been hit hard by the ongoing pandemic, most industry-leading cruise company affirmed their commitment to passenger safety early on by undertaking voluntary suspensions of operation. Most cruises have been cancelled up until mid-September and into October, but now cruise providers are planning for the future and putting measures in place to keep you safe.

Royal Caribbean

Sailings suspended until: 15th September 2020

Safety Measures:

Royal Caribbean have not yet announced their full range of onboard safety measures. However, they have released a statement affirming their commitment to passenger safety and ensuring that their measures will be released soon. They’re working with the Cruises Lines International Association, governmental health authorities and other parties to put a thorough and effective range of measures in place.

You can read their full statement here.

Celebrity Cruises

Sailings suspended until: 15th September 2020

Safety Measures:  Similarly, Celebrity Cruises has not yet released a finalised range of passenger safety measures. However, they do reiterate their commitment to passenger safety and have put schemes in place to offer impacted customer increased flexibility and options when it comes to changing cruise travel plans. We will continue to monitor their websites for announcements of their upcoming safety procedures.

Read more about their impacted cruises and Cruise with Confidence scheme here.

MSC Cruises

Sailings suspended until: 31st July 2020 – many sailings cancelled up until 31st October

Safety Measures:  MSC is putting procedures and processes in place that will help to ensure passengers’ health and safety while cruising. This includes revising itineraries so that all ports of call are safe to visit, ensuring that passengers have undergone health screening before boarding, the cleaning of public areas with hospital-grade disinfectant regularly, and frequent cleaning of guest cabins. You will be able to find hand sanitisation stations around the ship, and each ship had a Medical Centre.

Read MSC’s full statements here.

NCL Cruises

Sailings suspended until: 30th September 2020 – some October sailings cancelled

Safety Measures:  NCL has released an extensive range of measures that put passenger safety front and centre, with a variety of procedures around safety and flexibility being put in place.  This includes a phased return to the sea with ships being released in batches. Onboard, measures include a brand-new air filtration system, enhanced screening protocols, increased sanitation measures, social distanced, decreased capacity where possible in public areas, changes to boarding procedures and more medical resources on board.

Read NCL’s full range of measures on their site here.

Princess Cruises

Sailings suspended until: 21th September 2020

Safety Measures:  Princess Cruises have publicly announced a wide range of COVID-19 prevention measures to protect those on board once they set sail again. Before you board, itineraries are being revised to ensure the ports of call are safe to visit and passengers are being subject to increased screening measures to ensure they’re safe to come on board. Other measures include enhanced screening, enhanced sanitation, hand sanitisation stations, strict medical protocols and other measures.

Read the full statement from Princess Cruises here.

Last updated 03/07/2020

While we make our best efforts to keep travel advice up to date, the COVID-19 pandemic is still a fast developing situation where the official advice can change regularly. If travelling soon, please check the relevant authorities for the newest guidance and advice on safety measures in your destination. Please see relevant authorities for the most up to date advice on this continuously developing situation.

Advice from the International Air Transport Association (IATA)

Travel Advice from the Department of Foreign Affairs (DFA)

Latest Report from the World Health Organisation (WHO)

For answers to our most commonly received questions on how COVID-19 has affected travel, see our FAQ section here.
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