Experience Perfect Day at Coco Cay – An Island of Firsts!

What was once a humble Caribbean isle called Little Stirrup Cay is now a holiday extravaganza with the brand new name of Perfect Day at Coco Cay. Royal Caribbean has really revamped this place and made it a hot new must-see destination.

It’s such a perfect day!

perfect day at coco cay

When it comes to cruise holidays, Perfect Day at Coco Cay is on everyone’s lips. This private island is exclusive to guests of Royal Caribbean cruises, with every square foot tailored for maximum relaxation and enjoyment.

Royal Caribbean has invested huge time and money into making this island something truly special and a key stop on your cruise itinerary.

Since there’s no such thing as a one-size-fits-all holiday, Royal Caribbean has created Perfect Day at Coco Cay to cater for holidaymakers of all kinds. Once you step off your ship and make your way along the newly-built pier, all the island’s attractions are yours to enjoy.

Perfect Day at Coco Cay boasts a number of ‘firsts’ that put it ahead of the pack when it comes to Caribbean cruise holidays. But just what are they?

perfect day at coco cay cruise holidays

  • The tallest waterslide in North America – Daredevil’s Peak at 135 feet high!

This epic slide is one part of Daredevil’s Tower. You’ll see this the moment you arrive. It’s got 5 waterslides of varying height depending on how brave you are. Go for broke and try out the record-breaking Daredevil’s Peak, a truly towering 135 feet.

  • Oasis Lagoon, the largest freshwater pool in the Bahamas

That’s right, throughout the entirety of The Bahamas there’s no bigger freshwater pool than this. It’s a spectacular 33,175 square feet! That might sound a bit intimidating but the pool is designed to feel welcoming and fun for all with a series of smaller coves and shallower areas for swimmers of all sizes and skill levels to enjoy.

perfect day at coco cay

  • The biggest wave pool in the whole Caribbean

Go one bigger – this isn’t the biggest wave pool in The Bahamas alone, but the whole Caribbean! This is a great option if you’re feeling brave and want to get swept away by some epic waves. It’s a highlight of Thrill Waterpark and just a hop away from Daredevil’s Tower.

  • The highest viewpoint in the Bahamas

Time for some amazing views of the island of Perfect Day at Coco Cay as well as the surrounding blue waters. Step onto this impressive helium balloon known as Up, Up and Away and fly 450ft-high in the air. The ride last for 10 minutes and is a great way to take in the whole setting at once.

  • 13 Waterslides – the most slides you’ll find anywhere in the Caribbean

If you love slides, you’ll love Perfect Day at Coco Cay. It’s got a massive 13 of them so why not try every one of them? It’s the most slides you’ll find in the entirety of the Caribbean, no mean feat!

  • An unprecedented amount of things to see and do – and more to come!

Perfect Day at Coco Cay has been created as a crowd-pleaser. Between the water park, that massive pool we talked about, the beaches and the chill-out areas, everyone is sure to have a great time here. It’s been designed with families front of mind too as Royal Caribbean is such a family-friendly cruise line. Kids will love the thrills and spills on offer and parents will love to relax on the beach, by the pool and in a lounge chair with a drink in hand!

perfect day at coco cay cruise holidays

While most the island is open for your enjoyment, two new areas called Coco Beach Club and South Beach won’t be open till December 2019. They’re still being tweaked to perfection.

In short, Perfect Day at Coco Cay is exactly what the name implies, the perfect way to spend a magical day in the Caribbean as part of your cruise adventure.

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