Our Top Theme Park Tips!

Check out our top tips for theme park holidays below – and don’t forget to see our deals right here.

Book tickets + travel at the same time

This may sound obvious but it’s easy to forget that the best way to book your theme park holidays is to book your flights, hotels and theme park tickets at the same time with the same provider.

It’s easy with Cassidy Travel!

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Do your research

Research the park and make sure you know which rides and attractions you’re really interested in. You won’t be able to fit in every ride so have your priorities set ahead of time. Check height and age restrictions of rides ahead of time to make sure there is no disappointment (and upset kids) on the day.

Bring supplies

Bring all the essentials to avoid paying more when you get there. Snacks and drinks come in handy when you’re waiting in line on a hot day. Bring a power bank for your phone so you don’t get caught out. And if it’s the height of summer when you’re on your theme park holiday don’t forget sun screen!

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Agree a meeting place

When you get to the park agree on a meeting place just in case people in your group get separated. That way it won’t be so hard to find each other. Fingers crossed you won’t need it!

Consider fast pass tickets

Think about springing a bit extra for fast pass/fast track tickets that let you skip the queue with a designated time slot for rides. These are especially helpful during peak season.

Stay on site

Many theme parks have their own on site hotels that let you stay closer to the main attractions and make the most of your time on holidays.

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