Our Top Reasons to Visit Lisbon this September

Love Lisbon, but not the crowds and the cost of flights? Why not visit in September? We’ve gathered some of the top reasons to take a Lisbon city break post-summer. And don’t forget to check out our deals here too.

Fall for The City of Seven Hills

Lisbon is a truly captivating city – in a time when so many major cities feel globalised and scrubbed of their heritage, Lisbon’s traditional charm still enchants. Centuries of explorers, seafarers, food experts and architects have left their mark on its jumble of streets and red-roofed buildings.

Increasingly popular with holidaymakers of all kinds, Lisbon’s summer season offer hot sun, tons of activities and stunning sights. But wait a little longer and the city is arguably at its best.


Temperatures are just right

Lisbon enjoys long, hot summers. Temperatures can hit heights of above 30°C. For some of us, used to the less-than-stellar Irish weather it might even be too hot. But things start to cool pleasantly during September with much more manageable but still glorious highs of 20-25°C. This is a good middle ground between the high of summer and the cooler, wetter winter months of late October-January.

Get a better deal on travel

Summer brings a buzzing atmosphere to the city but increased demand for flights and accommodation outstrips supply and drives up prices. Why not wait for a better deal on your travel? After school’s back in session and the tourist seasons winds down, you’ll find far more affordable prices.

Belem Castle

It’s less crowded

Thanks to Lisbon’s popularity, summer season brings droves of sightseers to its major landmarks. While there will still be plenty of tourists around come September, it will be less crowded so you can explore its fairy-tale streets at your own pace.

Grab a last minute deal

With greater availability of flights and accommodation, this is the perfect time to grab a last minute bargain. There’s nothing better than a spontaneous getaway and no better city to enjoy one than Lisbon!

Relax & Recharge

Summers are usually packed full of activities, especially for families trying to keep kids happy and busy during the holiday! So take some time out to unwind once things start to settle down. Lisbon’s perfect for a city break so escape the routine between the busy summer season and then all the obligations and activities December brings with Christmas and New Years.

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