On Board the Magellan: A JMG Cruise Experience

Thinking of taking a cruise? We got the opportunity to visit the Magellan while it stopped in Dublin Port. See our cruise deals here.

All Aboard

JMG Cruises offer traditional-style cruises through Europe, the Fjordlands and the Americas with many itineraries departing from Dublin with complimentary shuttle buses to the port. So there’s no need to fly, and you can keep your feet on the ground!

When one of their larger ships, the Magellan, stopped in Dublin Port during its voyage, some of the Cassidy Travel team got the chance to visit the ship and take a tour throughout its decks, bars, rooms, chill-out areas and more.

First Impressions

The Magellan cut an impressive figure in Dublin Port as we approached – as JMG is a newer cruise provider no one on the team knew what to expect, and so the ship proved larger than we thought it was going to be.

Right as we were arriving, passengers were disembarking and getting onto a couple of buses waiting for them on the port, for one of their excursions into the city.

Inside, we quickly checked in and met the rest of the tour group, as well as our guides.

inside the ship

The brightness and airiness of the ship really stuck out immediately. On some cruise ships, it’s easy to feel boxed especially in rooms that aren’t well lit. However, the Magellan had plenty of large windows to let in the light, and oftentimes you could see from one side of the ship to the other so it felt very open.

cruise holidays

We started with some tea, coffee and pastries in Sinatra’s. Sinatra’s is a laid-back lounge area that pays tribute to Hollywood legends and hosts evening entertainment. Although we were here in the morning, I can imagine this is a great place to pass an evening on board.

After this, we split into groups for the tour.

Wellness Centre

We walked through the Wellness Centre first, offering spa treatments and a place to get your hair done.

It felt relaxed and had a tranquil atmosphere, great for some pampering.

Out on Deck

The deck area felt spacious with lots of room for people to unwind and relax. There was a bar area with lots of seating and spaces for lounge chairs. Our tour took place during the afternoon when most guests were off the ship and the deck chairs put away, but you could see that it would be a great place to relax while the ship was on the seas and full of activity.

Restaurants & Food

The Magellan has 3 distinct areas for food on board: Raffles Bistro, the Waldorf and Kensington Restaurants.

Raffles Bistro felt relaxed and easy-going and offers a buffet-style experience with the option of having some items made to order. You can also take the food onto the Pool Deck and go al fresco. A nice option for more picturesque surrounds than Dublin Port!

The Waldorf was pleasant and spacious. We were served a specially prepared 3 course meal in the Kensington Restaurant.

cruise holidays cruise holidays

The food was excellent: for starters I had cream of courgette soup, for mains a delicious selection of Indian food and crème brûlée for dessert. Everyone was very impressed with the food so I would say that this is one of the main things that distinguishes it from other cruise lines. The ship advertises itself as 3 star but the food was of a higher standard than you’d generally find with 3 star.

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Most cabins were, of course, occupied as we were visiting in the middle of the ship’s itinerary but we did have the opportunity to see several of the cabins that were not in use. The cabins were all clean, bright and airy. They were fairly spacious for a smaller ship, although with more than 2 adults in some rooms it would get cramped quickly. The inner cabins without windows would also not be ideal for anyone claustrophobic.

cruise holidays - magellan reception area

Staff & service

While we were only on board for a few hours, any interaction we had with staff was great. They provided a high level of service, were polite and friendly. In particular, our waiter during the sit down meal struck a nice balance between being attentive but not overbearing, efficient and friendly.


Overall, the Magellan impressed the whole Cassidy Travel team. One of our travel advisors mentioned that she had a customer booked on a CMV cruise set to sail in the next few weeks. Whereas previously she hadn’t quite known what the cruise would consist of, now she felt much more comfortable sending customers on the cruise and would happily vouch for it.

While it was my own first time on any cruise ship, and so I didn’t have anything to compare it to, some team members who’d been on other cruises said they would have chosen the Magellan over some of the more well-known cruise liners.

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Cathal Kehoe - 8 July 2019

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