Cruise Experience: Our Team Visits Celebrity Edge!

Celebrity Edge is a landmark new ship designed to revolutionise cruising. A few members of our team got to experience in for themselves and we just had to share.

The Celebrity Edge Experience!

On arrival of this ship as you enter onto deck 5 , you immediately know you are onto something amazing . As you walk through the art gallery passing the work of Pablo Picasso, you can immediately sense the love and care that went into this beautiful ship.

Picasso Display on Board Celebrity Edge

As you walk along deck 5 you come to the first of the specialty restaurants , Raw on 5 . This is every sushi lover’s dream this Japanese restaurant authentically prepares sushi and other Japanese specialties from a menu crafted by expert restaurateur and sushi chef, Yoshikazu “Yoshi” Okada.

Raw on 5 is just one of the many places you can visit on the grand plaza which spans decks 3,4 and 5 . Which are hosts to some of the ships main hubs .

The other speciality restaurants on board include the finecut steakhouse and Le grand bistro , which doubles as Le petit chef in the evening . For those of you who are not familiar, It’s an immersive, mind-blowing fusion of entertainment and dining like nothing you’ve experienced before. They project a cartoon of a tiny little chef preparing the meal you are about to be served . A show in its self if you will.

Celebrity Edge features a lot of firsts for this wonderful cruise line , from Eden to the magic carpet .


Eden- it’s like nothing you will have ever experiences at sea before , Eden is a venue for breakfast lunch and dinner , with shows in the evening that go beyond the boundaries of regular cruising entertainment.

Magic carpet – a first of its kind , a floating restaurant literally on the edge of the ship , that reaches 13 story’s above sea level . This restaurant opens onto multiple levels transforming itself into a new experience with every different level it reaches , it also serves as the gateway to ports for tenders at the embarkation station.

Main dining – breaking the tradition of the main dining hall which you generally find on cruise lines , offering not one but four main restaurants , Cyprus , normandie, Tuscan and cosmopolitan . Every restaurant features the same mouth-watering menu that changes nightly, plus each one offers its own ambience, along with a selection of exclusive, regionally inspired dishes and drinks.

Buffet Dining

Buffet Dining- If getting dressed up for dinner is not your thing, or you’re looking for an early morning coffee, or a late night snack on the way home from dancing your feet off, then this is the place for you. The buffet is open 20 hours a day and serves a range of food from multiple nations, to suit every taste, From English to Indian, American to Mexican, It’s all in the one place.

Entertainment- wow ! We were lucky enough in the two nights on board to be able to experience some of the best entertainment I have experienced on a cruise . From Acrobatics, to comedy, to live music and Broadway style show.

The Theatre located on decks 3,4,5 was home to the show a hot summer nights dream , which featured Broadway style music , with fantastic dancing and acrobats , with a newer funkier take on a midsummer night’s dream , a little out there but very enjoyable none the less .

The club- a multifunctional venue , an activity space , an entertainment venue and a night club , the club changes its persona depending on the time of day or night that you visit , from dj’s to comediennes , workshops to live acrobatics , speaking of which the show “mirage” is definitely one not to be missed with professional acrobats that Provide you with jaw dropping heart stopping moments as they fall through the air and hang from chandeliers , all to a background of emotion evoking music , this was by far my favourite piece of entertainment on board .

The Martini bar on deck 4 is a beautiful bright and spacious area where you can sip martinis , shaken not stirred of course to the sound of a soft playing piano , and on the same night in the same place you can dance the night away to the familiar tunes that the house band play.

Relax at the Spa

Spa- is located on deck 14 with views that are outstanding due to the floor to ceiling windows that are located at the tiled mosaic relaxation beds. A new evolution from the older Persian gardens designed to bring you closer to the sea.

With therapy rooms ranging from, Turkish hamamms to salt rooms and even a crystal room, this place is definitely a little piece of heaven to be visited on sea days.

Rooftop garden – a tranquil oasis surrounded by lush green vegetation, this area replaces the well known lawn club of the older celebrity vessels. An area to sit and relax with a drink in hand or play a game of giant jenga while enjoying a snack from the roof top grill, or simply find a cosy chair sink in and enjoy a good book.

Rooftop Garden

Pool Deck – The pool area of celebrity edge, is wide and spacious, featuring the largest pool in the Celebrity Fleet, Surrounded by beautiful sculptures, and adorned by two martini glass double height hot tubs, at either end of the pool, with ample space for sun bathing, and sun loungers in the pool, this is really an area to cool off in the hot sun, with a drink in hand.

Beside the pool area is a little oasis of Cabanas for rent, this was an area that I loved, with huge comfy sofas and views out to sea, and on the deck where the Magic Carpet stops on its travels. At night, ambient lighting turns the cabanas into intimate spaces perfect for enjoying cocktails and the moonlight glimmering off the ocean.

Staterooms – The well appointed stateroom design left nothing out, with the widest range of staterooms in the Celebrity fleet, there’s a room on Celebrity Edge perfect for your clients vacation needs. From the new Single Staterooms designed for modern travellers who love to explore the world on their own and not to mention the jaw dropping beautiful iconic state room. The introduction of the Edge Stateroom with Infinite Veranda, where with the touch of a button, your entire living space becomes the veranda, letting you walk right out to the water’s edge.(French balcony style)  These staterooms feature the latest in design and  technology , none that I have seen before on board a cruise ship .

Edge Class Suites include indulgent Stateroom Class amenities plus some exclusives, including access to The Retreat Lounge, The Retreat Sundeck, and private dining in Luminae .

Bedroom Celebrity Edge

Iconic suite is positioned directly above the bridge of the ship and offers panoramic views from front to back . with private hot tub, stylish furnishings, and space for six people in this suite, this really is something that has to be seen to be believed .

Edge villas – there are six two story rooms that are the first of its kind for celebrity .each offering a one bed two bathroom duplex apartment style rooms which hold up to 4 people , with extra large balconies that hold a private hot tub , to sit and relax and let the world go by.

Bedroom Celebrity Edge

This really is a world of luxury, although there is a kids club onboard, I do feel this is not a ship for children, it is more of an adults paradise.

Ideal for couples looking to escape it all, and perfect for an amazing honey moon.

Staff Highlights

Lisa’s Best Bits

Celebrity Edge – just amazing.

I have not cruised much ,so to experience Celebrity Edge was a real treat and  an eye opener for me . This ship was innovative, sophisticated  , up to date with technology and beautiful.  I felt the layout / design of this ship versus other ships I have been on was better.  The dining layout with 4 main dining rooms is a brilliant concept as it gives more options and the feeling of dining in a different restaurant.  The buffet was great also  , lots of selection and everything I tried was delicious.

The entertainment areas and bars were fantastic with a special mention to the Magic Carpet. The Magic carpet is a moveable deck , which boasts an open air lounge with a bar and comfortable seating areas where you can just chill and people watch. You can also access the tenders from the Magic Carpet so it’s also very convenient.

The entertainment in each venue was high energy and very talented and each show I seen I was very impressed .

Julie’s Best Bits

Cabanas would be my part on the ship I just loved the relaxed atmosphere yet being able to hear the music being played at the bar.

The Roof top Gardens was fabulous. The food on board was suburb weather is be one of the restaurants or the buffet for Mid night Pizza the quality was just as good. The acrobat show was amazing and I think possible one of the best shows I have seen at Sea.

Overall the ship was amazing I am not sure about the Infinity Balconies I think I would prefer a traditional one as not be able to leave it open at night is not great.

Michelle’s Best Bits

Celebrity Edge was just WOW – from the minute we came onboard you knew it was going to be something special ! Great pool area and as for the Cabanas – this was one of my favourite parts of the ship sit and relax and watch the world go by.

The cabins were very well laid out with ample storage space and a spacious bathroom – we stayed in the infinite balcony cabin the balcony window moved up and down with the touch of a button.

There are 4 main dining restaurants which I think work better than one main dining restaurant as there was a feeling of opulence in them. We ate in the Tuscan Restaurant  and the food was fab , we also ate in Ocean View Cafe which was the buffet restaurant and the food was exceptional with plenty of choice. The Martini bar was also another favourite of mine; you can just sit and relax and listen to the piano player or later on in the evening the band. The shows were out of this world – the Acrobatic show was my favourite!

We also got to to see the villa and the the Iconic suite has to be seen to be believed, both were stunning. All in all its a world class ship and I would love to sail on it again.

Sharon’s Best Bits

Celebrity Edge is a floating boutique hotel, offering the best in food, drink and entertainment. You would expect to find luxury when you travel at this level  – but the stand out bits for me were –

The ebb and flow of the ship – it’s clear that serious thought has gone into the design and layout of the public spaces and each area flows into the next with ease – no jumping in elevators to get from one deck to another. Gentle twists and turns lead you from the theatre to the art gallery to the shops to the bars and restaurants.

Facial recognition/smart room tech – Guests can embark and disembark using facial recognition software that uses a selfie uploaded to a mobile app, which means no more queuing. And, I liked the idea of being able to adjust the mood lighting in your stateroom from to day/night.

Breathtaking design– Kelly Hoppen MBE the famous UK designer and former Dragon on Dragon’s Den has her influence all over this ship with clean lines and neutral tones with stand out design pieces throughout. Eden, the lounge at the aft of the ship has a triple height ceiling with wrap-around floor to ceiling glass that runs the entire width of the ship, and a 20ft multi-level plant library. This offers a peaceful, calming and welcoming environment..

This ship suits all types of travellers, as well as those new to cruises.

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