Cassidy Travel's Holiday Checklist

Packing and preparing for your holiday can bring unwanted stress and panic, but it is easy to kick off your holiday in a nice and relaxed fashion if you get organised in advance. We have prepared this holiday checklist to get your holiday off to the perfect start.

1. Visas

Are you traveling somewhere that requires a visa? Irish citizens do not need a visa to travel anywhere within the EU. If you are going to the United States you will need an ESTA visa. You can check out our ESTA guide here.

This is a good website to check if you need a visa to travel to your destination.

2. Passports

Although a lot of countries don’t require a visa for entry to Irish citizens, they may require that your passport is valid for at least six months after travel. Check here, with your embassy or with your travel agent if you are unsure.

3. Vaccinations

If you are traveling to a tropical destination the chances are you will need to get vaccinations before you go. In many cases, you will need to get these about six weeks before you travel. Check the Tropical Medical Bureau to check what vaccinations you need for different countries. Similarly, malaria tablets may be needed in some tropical destinations.

4. Suitable Clothing

Make sure you are prepared with suitable clothing for your destination. Accuweather provides a great monthly overview of the temperatures of your destination. You can double check if it will be cold in the evening and whether you need to pack jumpers. Tropical countries tend to get a lot of rain so it is often wise to bring a rain coat or poncho. If you are traveling to a country with strong cultural or religious beliefs it is important to bring clothes that will respect their culture. Even in Dubai and Abu Dhabi certain clothes are not accepted. Planes these days are very cold so remember to bring something warm for the flight.

5. Luggage

If you need to bring a check-in bag make sure that you have booked one in advance. Failure to do so may result in high costs at the airport. Most long haul flights do include a 20kg check-in bag but it worth checking with your travel agent or the airline to avoid any confusion in advance of travel.

6. Transfers

Have you worked out how you are getting from your destination airport to your accommodation? If you need help booking transfers do not hesitate to email us on

7. Check-in online

In order to save time at the airport, you can check-in online for your flight. Be sure to do this in advance if you are traveling on a Ryanair flight to avoid hefty charges at the airport.

We hope this holiday checklist has helped ease the stress before your holiday. Have a great trip.

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Cathal Kehoe - 2 August 2017

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