5 Top Tips for Planning a Sports Holiday

Thinking of travelling to a major sporting event this year? See our top tips for planning your trip below.


The anticipation as the game begins… the energy of the crowd… watching every twist and turn as the game unfolds… there’s nothing like seeing your favourite sports event in person.

From top tennis matches like the US Open or Wimbledon to the world-famous NFL,  from rugby to golf, sports fanatics all over the world are putting their favourite games front and centre of their holiday plans.

Our Sports Travel Experts have put together their top tips for planning a Sports Holiday.

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Plan Ahead

This might sound obvious but it bears repeating. Make all travel arrangements as far ahead as you can. Major events attract huge crowds and flights, hotels, rental cars and everything else you might need are snapped up fast. As soon as you know you’re going, start planning to make sure you don’t miss out!

Stay Close to the Action

Book a hotel close to the stadium or arena where the game is being played to cut down on transport time on the ground as well as the cost of travel. You don’t want to be caught out on this!

Consider All Costs

Flights and accommodation might be the main expense but you should also take into account travel from the airport, travel on the ground, costs of taxis, buses and trains, parking and so on. No nasty surprises!

Get Tickets from a Trusted Source

Scams abound and it’s not hard to get caught out with counterfeit tickets. Get yours from a sanctioned ticket reseller or legitimate site that you trust.

Try to Limit What You Buy in the Venue

Prices for food and souvenirs are always higher inside the venue. You will probably save money by sticking to food and drink outside the venue, or if you really want to just be prepared to budget for it.

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Cathal Kehoe - 17 May 2019

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