5 Things to Look for in a Last Minute Holiday

It’s easy to let the year fly past without planning a holiday! It’s summer before you know it and it seems like everyone’s got their holidays booked except for you. So why not grab a last minute bargain? You can find plenty on Cassidy Travel’s website. And in the meantime, we’ve put together a few tips on what to look for when booking a last minute holiday deal.

It’s Never Too Late!

Something unexpected

Last minute holidays are all about spontaneity. It’s best not to be too rigid about where you want to do as that might not be the best deal going. So why not embrace the unexpected? Stay open to new suggestions and ideas for destinations – who knows, that place you never considered before could become your new favourite destination!

A bargain

Booking last minute is a great way to get a bargain on your holiday. It can be a bit of a risky strategy as you don’t know ahead of time what kind of holiday you’ll be having unless you’re an experienced bargain hunter. But that’s all a part of the experience.


Booking a late deal for your holidays often means discovering a new destination. That’s all a part of the excitement of it, and there really are so many reasons to get excited when you book last minute. Let go of the anxiety about planning and that stress over what exactly to pack. The joy of a last minute holiday is discovering something new. When you book far in advance, some of that excitement can peter out as it just all seems to so far off. No chance of that with last minute bookings as you’ll be flying before you know it. With a less planned-out itinerary, you’re likely to be more a lot more flexible and off-the-cuff when you get there, so who knows what could happen!

Easy Planning

Since you’ll be jetting off not too long after booking the holiday, you’ll have less time to plan out your itinerary. Probably, you’ll have time to do a few Google searches and plucking out the top attractions and things to do. Embrace the spontaneity as part of the whole adventure. If you normally plan out every day of your holiday, why not relax and see what each day brings? Choosing a destination that has more things to do close to where you’re staying is a good idea. The less long excursions you need to do, the more relaxing your holiday.

An escape

When you’re stuck in your daily routine it can all start to feel like a bit of a grind. So throw that all away for just a while with a late deal. If the winter gloom is getting you down – then just jet off to a winter sun destination like the Canaries! If you’re excited for summer but dreaming of the seaside, then why not go to an amazing beach destination? The world is your oyster and yours to explore.

Booking last minute doesn’t need to be complicated. Check out our deals on last minute holidays, last minute city breaks and last minute family holidays on our website.

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Cathal Kehoe - 11 June 2019

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