5 Must-Do Activities in New York City!

New York City breaks come in all shapes and sizes. Take in iconic sights, stroll through quirky neighbourhoods or just indulge in the world-class food. Not sure what to visit first? Check out our top 5 unmissable activities below. 

New York, New York!

The Big Apple. It’s one of the most iconic cities in the world and a true bucket list destination. You’ve got to see it at least once, and there’s so much to see and do it’s almost impossible to fit it all into a single trip!

So, what are those key destinations to take in if you want to ‘do’ New York? We’ve gathered together a list of our top 5 must-sees for any first timers going to NYC or an old hand who wants to make sure they’ve got down all the major sights.

Empire State Building

  1. The top of the world

To truly see the iconic city skylines of the City that Never Sleeps, you need to take it in from the highest point. And there’s two amazing ways to do this.

First off, go to the 86th floor of the Empire State Building to visit its incredible Observatory. This is a massively popular attraction – for a good reason – so to avoid the long lines go early in the morning or later in the evening. Then go to the Top of the Rock Observation Deck at 30 Rockefeller Plaza. 850 feet above the city, this is a great way to take in views of the Empire State and Central Park.

Central Park

  1. Central Park

An absolute must-see and probably the most famous green space in the world! Make sure to explore the park properly and don’t underestimate how much there is to see here. First off, the park is huge, the size of over 300 football fields. Take in its major sights like Cleopatra’s Needle, the Bethesda fountain and terrace, the John Lennon memorial Strawberry Fields, Belvedere Castle, walk around the massive reservoir and visit the zoo. You could easily spend the whole day here!

High Line

  1. The High Line

A spectacular 2.3km garden walkway, the High Line is a testament to what’s special about New York City. This is an abandoned railway line converted into a city park. The views of New York are stunning, there’s some great street art and it’s a fantastic way to take in the famed Meatpacking District. Just make sure to pack good walking shoes!

9/11 Memorial

  1. 9/11 Memorial

More solemn in nature than other attractions, the 9/11 Memorial still represents a key piece of the history that’s shaped this incredible city. The memorial features cascading waterfalls and two huge pools, as well as a museum dedicated to remembering those lost. Walking tours are a great way to take the memorial in and pay respects.

Times Square

  1. Times Square

Okay, this one’s a bit cliché but you can’t go to New York City and not take some time to go to Times Square. In a city chock full of famous sites, this epicentre of NYC’s urban jungle is a tourist hotspot. Take in a show or just soak up the incredible buzz. The perfect setting for a selfie!


It was hard to whittle this list down to just 5 sights! Here’s a few other major tourism destinations you should see during your trip to New York City.

  • The Statue of Liberty

Lady Liberty herself! Take the ferry to Ellis Island for this world-famous sight.

  • Coney Island

Historic and quirky, there’s tons to do here!

  • The Metropolitan Museum of Art

NYC is an embarrassment of riches for museum-lovers! We especially like this one.

  • Brooklyn Bridge

This is more than just a bridge from A to B, it’s a major tourist must-see. Great views of Lower Manhattan, too.

  • Grand Central Terminal

The world’s busiest railway station – and check out the majestic architecture!


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