10 Ways to Save on your Family Holiday

Our expert travel advisors have put together their top tips for saving money on your family holidays. Check it out below!

On the Money

No one wants to pay more! If you’re wondering how to save money on your family holidays, there are lots of ways you can do it. Even when it comes to popular destinations, there are always cheap ways to travel. Just planning ahead can make a huge difference, and taking advantage of affordable or free options on entertainment during your family holidays.

So, here are our top tips to save money on family holidays this year!

Let Your Destination Choose You

Avoid trendy destinations that come with a higher price tag. Keep an eye out for good deals on established favourites, or consider up and coming destinations that haven’t been discovered by the mainstream yet. Look for good prices on flights and accommodation, and factor in exchange rates too. A bonus is that you’ll end up travelling to places you didn’t consider before.

Be Flexible

Flexibility comes in many forms. Be open to going somewhere you hadn’t considered, if a good deal comes up, but also stay open to travelling at a more affordable time of year, or cheaper flight times.. Be willing to be flexible with the length of your trip, and flying on as less popular day of the week. Research festivals, concerts and other events that might be happening in your preferred destination around the time you want to go as this can affect flight prices.

Find those Freebies!

Depending on the destination, you’d be surprised by how much there is to do for free. Research your destination ahead of time for free entry to museums, galleries and other cultural attractions. Lots of places have free parks with amazing scenery and places for the kids to play. And the beach can be a great place to entertain the kids for free for hours.

Go for a Walk!

Save pennies on transport by hitting the pavement. Install Google Maps and make them availably offline to ensure you’ll be able to navigate them without worrying about getting lost. A lot of major cities offer free walking tours, especially around Europe. And not to mention, walking is one of the best ways to explore a new place at a pace that suits you, simply soaking up the atmosphere and stumbling upon those local quirks, little shops and unique sights that make a holiday unforgettable.

Don’t Exchange Currency at the Airport

Pretty much anywhere else will offer a cheaper exchange rate on currencies than the airport. Unfortunately, too many people leave this part of their trip unplanned, or leave it to the last minute, meaning they get stuck paying extra. Don’t be one of those people! Plan ahead and get the best rates you can find.

Pack a Picnic

Another great way of saving is to shave off food costs wherever you can. If your accommodation has cooking facilities, make the most of it. If you’re heading out to a theme park for the day, bring food with you (different parks may have different rules here) to avoid paying their pricey food premiums.

Buy Tickets Before You Go

Get the best prices on attractions by planning ahead and buying tickets before you leave. You don’t want to spend your time in queues and paying more for entry, especially with kids! If there’s an attraction you don’t want to miss, buy tickets ahead of time.

Avoid Spending Beforehand

It’s tempting to stock up before a holiday – new clothes, beach equipment, entertainment and more – but this can get expensive fast, making you blow through your budget before you even reach the airport. Consider how much stuff you really need, plan and buy accordingly.

Ask a Friend

Has a friend or colleague been to your destination before? This could be a great opportunity to pick their brains, and get those hints and tips that you can only learn from direct experience. This is a great way of getting to know the must-sees, the places to avoid, the bargains and the rip-offs.

Act Like a Local

Use public transport and avoid the tourist traps to avoid paying more. Figure out what sights you really want to see so you don’t end up shelling out for expensive food, tickets, knick-knacks and all the other ways tourists pay. Have a more authentic experience of a place by doing as the locals do.

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