Where the Past Meets the Future

Lose yourself in one of the world’s most enthralling cities, a sprawling metropolis with one foot in the traditional past and another in the new. Holidays to Tokyo are an unforgettable experience, whether you’re gazing on spectacular Mt. Fuji or going on a shopping spree in Shinjuku.

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Tokyo holidays are full of things to do. Hop on its criss-cross of subway lines to experience all its different districts: bustling Shinjuku, quirky fashion hub Harajuku, foodie centre Ebisu, cosmpolitant Ginza and of course Shibuya, where you’ll find the highly recognisable Shibuya Crossing. A few things you just have to do during your holidays to Tokyo. Take a trip to see Mt. Fuji. It’s a little outside the city, Mount Takao is a popular viewing spot. Go to the top of Tokyo Tower for some truly awe-inspiring views of the cityscape. The district of Asakusa has a more historic feel, here you can see the 7th century temple of Sensoji and the traditional shopping street of Nakamise.
Dining Out
Holidays to Tokyo are a foodie dream. Japanese cuisine has made its delicious way around the world so it’s no surprise that you’ll be eating some truly delicious specialties here. Discover super-affordable and delicious sushi bars where you can grab authentic sushi on the go, ramen bars and delectable udon noodles. The basement floors of many department stores, particularly in Ginza, are smorgasbords of low-key yet delightful restaurants. Even the 7-11s dotted around the city offer delicious meals to go. Tokyo is also the world capital of quirky, or downright weird, themed restaurants. Dine with cats, maids or even robots for company. You’ll also find plenty of fine dining options as well as international cuisine and familiar brands.
Shopaholics will love Tokyo holidays. The major shopping district has to be Ginza, home to a massive menu of upmarket stores, luxury brands and exclusive experiences – even if buying something here would blow the budget, it’s still worth checking out. For a bit more variety and budget-friendly options head to Shinjuku and Shibuya. Harajuku’s where you’ll find fashion-forward people wearing some out-there styles. If you’re into anime and looking for some collectibles you can only get in Japan, head to Akihabara. For something more traditional, try Nihonbashi. For something a bit more quirky, head to youthful Shimokitazawa not far from Shibuya. This neighbourhood is full of boutiques and smaller shops as well as bars and cafes.
Make sure to experience the nightlife during your holidays to Tokyo. Head to Shibuya and Shinjuku for all night bars, clubs, eateries and unique experiences like a robot music show or the classic karaoke. Try some casual drinks in an izakaya or tiny stand-up bar where the locals relax. Roppongi is one of the city’s most celebrated nightlife districts with everything from casual bars to exclusive clubs, jazz venues and everything in between. For something really upscale, head to one of Ginza’s chic bars. If it’s not a party you’re after, how about heading to one of the viewing platforms? The city is stunning by day but by night it’s like another world. Head to the top of Tokyo Tower, Tokyo Skytree or Mori Tower. And what about a night cruise? No better way to take in the city’s dazzling lights than lazily winding your way around Tokyo Bay.

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