Fall in Love with Magical Malta

Discover a picture-perfect slice of Mediterranean bliss. Holidays to Malta are on everyone’s lips right now, enjoying its long overdue emergence into the global holiday spotlight. A scattering of small islands in the sapphire seas, Malta holidays seduce visitors with incredible scenery, gorgeous weather and delectable cuisine.

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Malta’s 3 islands all offer something different. Its smallest, Comino, makes for a great day trip. Most will stay on the main island of Malta. That’s where most of the main attractions are. Valetta, the capital, is tons of fun to just explore. Its maze of side streets holds shops and cafes galore. See St John’s Cathedral with its remarkable baroque and gold-tinged architecture. For history, visit the Megalithic Temples designated UNESCO World Heritage sites and the many other culturally significant sites across the island. The quieter island of Gozo offers amazing sightseeing, eating, hiking and walks, beaches and entertainment. It has a more laid-back feeling than the main island and is popular with locals as an escape from the hustle and bustle of everyday life.
Entertainment & Nightlife
Malta holidays during the day offer a rich menu of entertainment. Try outdoor sports like archery or visits to its National Aquarium, Marine Park, and theme parks. The Maltese love to relax and have fun the Mediterranean way so there’s tons of cultural activities, live music and entertainment happening at all times. See if there any festivals at the same time as your holidays to Malta, and check out a traditional Maltese festa which happen during the summer months. For great nightlife, head to Paceville for some clubbing action and trendy areas like St Julian’s and Sliema to check out the bars and pubs. Buggiba and Qawra are two other great centres of the nightlife, too.
Dining Out
From fine dining to street food, Malta’s dining options run the gamut from local holes in the wall to international brands you’ll know well. Like the island itself, the local cuisine is a real blend of flavours including British, Arabic and a healthy dollop of Italian! Its cafe culture is great too – make sure to try Malta’s beloved pastizzi. These flavoursome filo pastries are great any time of day to grab and go from a corner shop. Try ftira too, a layer of indulgent dough topped with local ingredients. Malta holidays, particularly the island of Gozo, are famous for its cheeses and its wines made in local vineyards are underrated. Plenty to enjoy for all!
Malta holidays have beaches for all types of holidaymakers, from busy beaches perfect for sunbathing to off-the-beaten-track coves away from it all. The shallow, gentle waters of Mellieha Bay make it popular with families and watersports enthusiasts who want a spot of skiing or windsurfing. Golden Bay is spacious and soft and great for a relaxing seaside afternoon. By Malta’s famous Azure Window, find Dwerja Bay, a rockier stretch great for swimmers. On the island of Gozo, discover beautiful Ramla Bay with soft sands, sapphire-blue waters and fun amenities nearby. With many more beaches to discover, rest assured that holidays to Malta have you covered as far as beachside bliss is concerned.