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A modern metropolis with 1000 years of Imperial history, Beijing draws countless visitors each year with its towering skyscrapers, ancient temples, narrow traditional streets and striking contemporary architecture. Not to mention the cuisine – foodies will be in heaven here. See deals on holidays to Beijing below.

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Things to do in Beijing
Beijing is a maze of things to see and do. Walking through the city is like walking through centuries of Chinese history. The heart of the city might be historic Tiananmen Square. It’s one of the top sights and you could spend a whole day here exploring the sights, the museums, monuments and museums, or just people-watching. The spectacular Forbidden Palace is something be behold, a locus of imperial power for 100s of years and a heart of the Ming Dynasty. Explore the sprawling grounds and the see the iconic Gates of Heavenly Peace. For more palace majesty, see the Summer Palace on the outskirts of the city – go for a charming paddleboat ride around the scenic manmade lake. For a taste of modern, hip Beijing venture to the artsy 798 District with its boho vibes, art spaces and cool coffee shops. Don’t forget to walk down a history-soaked hutong and the major shopping and eating district of Wangfujiang, or visit the animals at Beijing Zoo.
Dining Out
Beijing is a food lover’s paradise. Sample delectable cuisine from almost every province across China’s vast territory as well as international favourites and recognisable fast food brands with their own local twists. Hotpot is a staple for Beijingers and many restaurants specialise in just that. Beijing Duck is synonymous with the capital so make sure to give it a try. Dumplings, skewers, kung pao chicken – the range of amazing Chinese cuisine on offer is mouth-watering. For something familiar, the city offers a wide range of Western-style eateries offering familiar comfort food. Or, if you’ve ever wondered what Chinese McDonalds is like, now’s your chance to find out.
Nightlife and Entertainment
Boredom isn’t possible in Beijing. When you’re not exploring the sights you can enjoy the vast array of entertainment on offer. Why not go for an evening of Peking Opera, an authentic slice of the city culture, like a night on Broadway during an NYC trip. Venues dotted across the city put on live music every night and the countless bars and clubs range from cheap and cheerful to swanky rooftop joints where people local and international go to see and be seen. Karaoke is a national past time too – go for a sing song in one of the many popular Karaoke bars.
Top Sights outside the City & Day Trips
There are many day trips from Beijing you can take once you’ve explored the city. The most obvious one is a visit to the Great Wall. There are several different sections on the wall that you can visit in a day trip from Beijing. Many tour companies offer transport and tours out to the Great Wall – this is the easiest and most popular way to do it but you can also go solo if you’re feeling brave. Badaling, about 2 hours from Beijing is the most popular. Mutianyu is about a 90 minute trip and more touristy and is the longest section of the wall you can walk along. Simatai and Jiankou are also a day trip away. Pay respects to the Emperors of the Ming Dynasty at the Ming Temple or the breathtaking caves at Zhoukoudian.

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