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The Solstice is one of the most decorated ships out of any cruise line, with many special features and attractions onboard, that create vacations of a lifetime.

Life on Board:

Every stateroom has the comforts of home, and have been recently redesigned into luxurious spaces. The specialty restaurants give each passenger a large variety of choices when it comes time to mealtime. The casual space within the Passport Bar is the perfect spot to sit while visiting with fellow passengers and share stories from your travels.

Entertainment & Activities:

Learning about the wines of the world is easy with a trip to Cellar Masters, the wine tour destination on the Solstice. The Solarium is the perfect retreat for those who want to relax in solitude with only the sound the waterfall in the background, and children will be thrilled with the XClub, Fun Factory, and ShipMates, where they can have fun with friends their own age. Every passenger can enjoy walking with grass under their feet when they enter The Lawn Club with its Country Club feel.

Book a stay on the Celebrity Solstice

Book a Stay on the Solstice:

Solstice has home ports in Seattle, Vancouver, New Auckland, and Sydney, which makes it the perfect choice for those who want to travel to destinations like Alaska, New Zealand, Melbourne, and the South Pacific. There are plenty of shore activities for people to choose from at every port the Solstice stops in, so you’ll have plenty of chances to explore new destinations around the world.

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